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Café Akseli!

The cozy coffeehouse Café Akseli is located on a corner of Naantali square.

Café Akseli

The cozy Café Akseli is located on the market square of Naantali. Café Akseli´s selection includes coffee, specialty coffees, teas, homemade savory and sweet pastries, toasted sandwiches, and lunch soups. We bake our goodies in our own home bakery, Kotileipomo Lotta.

You can order goodies and pastries for a variety of parties and events from our coffee shop. If necessary, the staff will take care of the catering of your celebration. You can hold your party or other private event in our bright and elegant facilities right on the town square. Our café has adequate facilities for groups of up to 40-50 people. Ask us for more information by phone or email.

During the summer, you can enjoy our delectable delights on our sunny terrace while immersing yourself in the atmosphere of Naantali square.

Opening hours
Mon-Fri 8.30-16.30
Sat. 10-14
Sun. closed

Private functions by arrangement.

Order cakes and other pastries from Café Akseli!

Our selection includes:

Buns and donuts
• Sweet pies
• Savory pies
• Small pizzas and pastries
• Toasted sandwiches: ham and cheese, cold-smoked salmon and cheese

• Gelato ice cream, italian-style ice cream from Nuvole (summertime)
• Soup for lunch
• Chicken salad
• Salmon salad
• Cakes and pastries baked in Kotileipomo Lotta

Private events in our distinctive, lustrous café.

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